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Rakken Ramen

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Bean Sprout Salad


The bean sprout salad had a lot of garlic and tasted great on the bean sprouts. The bean sprouts also had a little bit of spice to them which added to the flavor and made it very hard to spot eating them. The only problem was there was cabbage in the salad which took up more space than the bean sprouts themselves and took away from the bean sprout amazingness.

Vegan Bun


The Bun was so fluffy and tasty incredible with all of the vegetables. The bun was full of flavor and cooked so perfectly. There also was not too much of one thing nor to little - everything had the perfect amount and went very well together. They also had an amazing sauce on the vegetables that elevated their flavor.

Vegan Garnet Ramen


The soup was by far my favorite part of the ramen experience. The soup was full of flavor, and I enjoyed eating it. The noodles in the ramen were also amazing and tasted great when eaten with the soup. The only bad thing about the ramen were the toppings on it. They were not as full of flavor as in the vegan bun which took away from the ramen.

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