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Paris Baguette

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Chocolate Croissant


The chocolate croissant was over all pretty decent but was not my favorite. A few good things about the croissant were that it was flaky and not only had chocolate on top but in the middle as well. However, that is where the praise ends. The croissant tasted a little more on the bland side. The chocolate was neither bitter nor sweet. Also, the chocolate to croissant ratio was very low having a lot of pasty but little chocolate.

Fruit Pastry


The fruit pastry was the best thing that I got at Paris Baguette. The dough itself was a little bland but the cream inside more than made up for the lack of sweetness. In the pasty there was a selection of a few different fruits and cream. All the fruit tasted very good and so did the cream. The one problem with the cream was that there was more cream than everything else combined, which took away from the chewy dough and cream being tasted together - instead I would often get just cream.

Apple roll cake


The roll cake was my least favorite and the biggest thing we got at French Baguette. The cake part of the roll cake was not bad - actually, it was surprisingly good. But, it was the cream that ruined the whole thing. I enjoy dessert cream quite a bit but the cream inside the roll was one of the sweetest things I have ever had. Along with the overly sweet cream inside of the roll cake was sugar covered apple pieces that made the roll cake even more sweet. On top of everything else, the cake cost twenty-five dollars!!! That is the equivalent of buying eight fruit pasties which I would have rather had.

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