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Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Custard Taiyaki


The Custard Taiyaki was very soft and kind of tasty but because of the custard being trapped inside of the fried fish for so long, it made the fried dough a little moist and was not the most pleasant thing to eat. The custard was also not the freshest and did not taste the best.

Red bean Taiyaki


The fried dough on the Red Bean Taiyaki was a lot better than the Custard Teriyaki (reviewed above) because it was not at all moist and was very soft. The problem with it were the red beans. The red beans were not at all sweet and were not even close to the consistency of paste which are the two things that sweet red bean paste needs to be. This flaw made the dessert less than good.

Matcha Shaved Ice


The Matcha ice part of the Matcha Shaved Ice was pretty good but it’s the red beans that made this dessert fall. The matcha was tasty and good but the red beans were really awful, tasted terrible and did not blend well with ice matcha like the dessert should have.

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