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In and out

Grilled cheese


The grilled cheese was very tasty and tasted just like a great burger just it did not include the meat which is perfect for people who are vegetarian and for people who can't eat meat.

Animal style fries


In and outs fries and made right there in the restaurant and are very tasty but, adding two slices of American cheese and grilled onions make them much better even though they are very heavy they are very tasty.

Choclate shake.


This chocolate milkshake may seem like just a normal fast-food shake, but I assure you it is not. The shake is very thick and made from great ice-cream right there at the restaurant so, trust me when I say this is better than normal shakes, but I still will say you can find better shakes at an ice-cream establishment but still for a fast food shake it tops the charts.

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