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Hoka Hoka Sushi

Sexy Natila


The fish went very well the rice and the sauces that were on top, but the problem was that there was not much rice compared to the number of fish they gave us which created an imbalance in flavors.

Yellowtail roll


The roll tasted like you were eating seaweed straight from the ocean and then eating a bite of very fishy fish! I do not know about you, but I like neither of those things alone nor combined.

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King Hawaii Restaureant

Miso salmon 2/10 The presentation was very messy, and the food had a very bad taste to it. Fries 0/10 Soggy, wet, uncooked.


2 comentários

12 de ago. de 2023

I've always wondered about Starbird. So glad you tried it.

The fishy tuna would have killed me. 😂🤣


Rabbi Selilah Kalev
Rabbi Selilah Kalev
10 de ago. de 2023

Can't say I was a fan of the Spicy Tuna either....

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